About Us

Initially known as the Nunawading Warriors Gridiron Club, the club was founded in 1986 by the late  James White. The Warriors won the minor premiership in 1988, however were eliminated in the finals series with two consecutive losses. The  Warriors would have to wait a decade before they returned to the finals  series, which happened in 1998 with a semi final loss to the now defunct  Banyule Panthers. From this point, the Warriors have been the  pre-eminent team in Gridiron Victoria, going on to play finals football  every year except 2003 and winning 8 of the 11 Vicbowls they have  contested since 2000. With a win in 2010, the Warriors  performed a 3-peat of State Championships. They also completed their second 3-Peat after defeating the Buccaneers in 2012, 2013 & 2014.

Our Division 2 Barbarians also were able to win their first Championship in 2013. The Warriors made history by winning both the Division I Vicbowl and Division II Championship in the same season (Currently there are no other clubs with 2 teams).

The Warriors Junior program has also had great success in winning in 2003, 2009 and most recently in 2016 Junior Championship finishing the perfect season 10-0.

Our Mission Statement:

“The Warriors Gridiron Football Club is a forum for the community to  enjoy and gain exposure to the sport of American Football. We play the  game with pride, and believe in being excellent in all that we do, from  on field performance, socialising and through to the development of our  people. We are here to support all of our members and their families.”


XVII (2001) V RANGERS 16-0

XVIII (2002) V RANGERS 19-12

XXI (2005) V RANGERS 18-13

XXII (2006) V RANGERS 12-3

XXIV (2008) V RANGERS 6-0

XXV (2009) V RANGERS 34-16

XXVI (2010) V BUCCANEERS 23-14

XXVIII (2012) V BUCCANEERS 22-14 (2OT)

XXIX (2013) V BUCCANEERS 30-13

XXX (2014) V BUCCANEERS 39-14

XXXII (2016) V CRUSADERS 16-12



III (2013) V ROYALS 20-6



VI (2003) V MINERS 20-8

XII (2009) V RANGERS 22-0

XIX (2016) V LIONS 42-6