Warriors Make The Leader

Not sure if any of the 100+ players who turned up to the first week of training saw this article or not but check out this short tidbit from the paper.

The photographer had a thing for new recruit Rhyss Keane probably because he lifts.

Leader Article

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2013 Pre-Season

Image taken from Progress Leader

This weekend marks the beginning of the 2013 campaign!Whether you are a returning player, ex-player or someone interested in the sport, get down to Monash University, Clayton Campus this Sunday (10/2) @ 10 am for the first official run around of the year.

Wear training gear (just sneakers) and bring a water bottle.

Join the FACEBOOK EVENT for updates on the specific ground but it should be either the baseball field or the one next to it!

Contact info@warriorsgridiron.com if you require more information.







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