Warrior Adam Gotsis – Second Round selection by Denver Broncos in 2016 NFL Draft

From Melbourne to the Mile High City, Adam Gotsis’s path to the NFL has been an exciting one for our Gridiron Club.


Adam Gotsis wins a Junior Vic Bowl with the Monash Warriors in 2009

Adam Gotsis (54) wins a Junior Vic Bowl with the Monash Warriors in 2009


Adam played 4 years in our Junior program where he developed under coaches Dan Levin and Heather Buzza and one season for the Senior team under Head Coach Ralph Maggio. Whilst also dominating the local Gridiron Victoria competition, Adam also represented Victoria at both Junior and Senior level and represented Australia in the 2011 IFAF World Cup.

Adam Gotsis (23) playing for the Monash Warriors Seniors in the 2010 Vic Bowl

Adam Gotsis (23) playing for the Monash Warriors Seniors in the 2010 Vic Bowl


Adam was selected with the 63rd pick in the second round by the 2016 Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos.

The capital of Colorado and Population of 649,495, Denver is nicknamed the Mile High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile (5,280 ft or 1,610 m) above sea level, making it one of the highest major cities in the United States..

Adam will now have the chance to play for a Super Bowl winning team coached by Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips and will no doubt develop with mentors Von Miller and Derek Wolfe.

The Warriors are extremely proud of how Adam has conducted himself and the hard work he has put in to develop into the player he is today.

Once the Draft has settled down and Adam has settled into his new home in Denver, will have an exclusive write up of the path to the draft with Adam Gotsis.

Well Done Adam!

With Pride




Warriors, GV Community mourn the loss of Jon Johnston


It is hard to find someone in life that is as competitive as Jon along with being a kind hearted, loveable family man with a positive attitude to everything in life.

Jon Johnston has played many years against the Warriors and whilst the battles had been either way most of the years, 2016 he was set to be a Warrior.

Jon Johnston (11) playing against the Warriors in 2013

Jon Johnston (11) playing against the Warriors in 2013


Jon loved a challenge and loved competing which is what brought him to the Warriors. He worked extremely hard in everything he did and always gave 100% regardless of the situation. The energy he brought to each training session for the past 2 months brought the standard level up each time. He was there to compete and have fun and let you know about it which is why he is such a loveable character.

Jon Johnston's final message to his Teammates and Coaches

Jon Johnston’s final message to his Teammates and Coaches


The above is a facebook message Jon had left to the team before he took off to Tibet. The passing of Jon has impacted the Warriors organisation quite hard and whilst he has only been at the club for a short time, his influence on the group has been significant.

Jon loved the outdoors and had ambitions to be the first man in his age group to ever climb Mt Everest (8,748m) and also Lhotse (8,156m) peaks back to back in under 10 hours. Jon was in Tibet, China preparing for his third attempt at climbing Mt Everest. He had been training for the past 6 months in Melbourne and was climbing Mt Shisha Pangma in preparation where it all went horribly wrong.

“The incident occurred at an altitude of 6,200 m on April 24 while the duo fell into the crevasse while they were moving up from advanced base camp on Mt Shisha Pangma,” an official at Active Holiday Treks explains (which handles their expedition from Kathmandu).

Jon along with son Nicholas whom he played with whilst at Croydon Rangers

Jon along with son Nicholas whom he played with whilst at Croydon Rangers


Jon is a family man and whilst he leaves behind wife Susan Johnston, 3 sons Nicholas, Nathaniel, Noah, brother Lonn Johnston and family he will always be remembered for how he lived his life and how he impacted everyone around him including everyone that he met. Jon is one of a kind, a true gentleman and will be missed by everyone that knew him.

Rest In Peace.

Herald Sun Article Here

The Himalayan Times Article Here



Warriors remain undefeated, earn spot in Vic Bowl XIX

On Sunday 24th April in front of a great crowd in warm conditions, the Warriors faced a young determined Raiders outfit with a spot in the Vic Bowl on the line.

The Warriors came in undefeated and faced a team they defeated only 7 days earlier whilst the Raiders entered their first ever final full of confidence in the hope they could adjust to last week’s loss and turn the tables.

The Warriors knew the tricks the Raiders had up their sleeve and the defense came out firing! The Raiders first offensive series had 2 rushes for 0 yards and an incomplete pass, and before you knew it they were punting.
Offensive Weapon Benjamin McGaw picked up the bouncing punt and returned it 30 yards to the Warriors 28 yard line and setting up the Warriors with excellent field position.

Enter QB Nicholas Whitehead who had been in excellent form of late and staring down the barrel of a 3rd and 12 decided to take on the Raiders for a 30 yard rushing TD. One series, one touchdown, Warriors lead 6-0 with 7:41 in the first.

QB Nicholas Whitehead finds scrambles for one of his three rushing touchdowns (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)

QB Nicholas Whitehead finds scrambles for one of his three rushing touchdowns (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)


The Warriors defense entered their second series just as well as they did with their first forcing the Raiders to another rush for 0 yards, and incompletion and a 7 yard loss due to a Raiders fumble. The game was firmly in control to the Warriors and with Benjamin McGaw back ready to return another punt, all the pressure was square on the Raiders early and that showed with a fumbled snap and a punt of -10 yards, the punt sideways and out of bounds thanks to some great pressure by the Warriors.

The Raiders needed to step up and their defense finally came to the rescue. The Warriors were threatening to score again deep into the redzone by the Raiders forced a turnover on downs and more importantly to them, forced a change in the momentum of the game.

The Warriors defense continued their dominance but their offense started to show signs of fatigue turning the ball over with a fumble (controversial inadvertent whistle) and then Whitehead threw an interception right at the defender. The Warriors defense were able to recover a fumble of their own with just 40 seconds remaining in the first half however nothing was able to come of it with time running out ending the first half 6-0.

The Warriors regrouped at the half recovering in the shade, getting their fluids up and with Coach Marini and his coaching staff making minor adjustments they were back ready to go for the second half.

In their previous match up, the Raiders opened the game with an onside kick, something the Warriors thought may occur again so they set up for the second half and sure enough the Raiders kicked the 10 necessary yards straight to a waiting Anton Maksoutov. With great field position to start the second half, Whitehead looked to take the Raiders on again and from the very first play of the series scrambled for a 40 yard touchdown run along the sideline in front of the Warriors crowd. Henry Malouf was able to punch in the 2 point conversion and the Warriors were able to extend their lead to 14-0 with 9:48 remaining, only 12 seconds into the second half.

The Raiders hit back immediately with an 80 yard end around with the Warriors defense over pursuing and the Raiders runner dodging tackles to find open field and the endzone to bring the score back to 14-6.

The Raiders looked to get the ball back again lining up for an onside kick, this time chipping over the top of the Warriors front line and successfully diving on the ball to get possession and switch the momentum again in the game. They stretched the field with some lateral running and looked dangerous however a fumbled handoff allowed OLB Kyle Katiferis to pounce forcing yet another turnover deep in the Warriors own territory.

Warriors Defense forces a turnover (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)

Warriors Defense forces a turnover (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)


The Warriors were hoping to give themselves some breathing space but the Raiders defense continued to shine forcing a change of possession and then with a catch and run over the middle, they were able to run it in for another score and come within 2 points of the Warriors with a 14-12 scoreline.

A delay in the game due to an unfortunate injury to OLB Kyle Katiferis (broken ankle) saw the Warriors come together and work together looking for that victory.

The offense were lead brilliantly by Whitehead and Maksoutov who switched from running back to tight end and ran the perfect route finding the back of the endzone for another touchdown.

Anton Maksoutov finds space in the back of the endzone for the Warriors (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)

Anton Maksoutov finds space in the back of the endzone for the Warriors (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)


With the end of the third quarter and Katiferis off to hospital in an ambulance the Warriors looked poised and confident enough to finish the game strong. Anton Maksoutov just ran the perfect route for the previous touchdown and torched the Raiders on the ground also with a 40 yard run dodging the Raiders putting the game away extending the lead to 30-12 with 6:36 remaining on the clock.

Both defences tried to hold strong for their clubs but it was the Warriors capitalising with game MVP Whitehead scrambling for his third touchdown on the day and securing the win with 2:32 left and a lead of 36-12.

The Warriors were able to kneel the game out, extend their unbeaten streak and secure a spot in the Vic Bowl against the Melbourne Uni Lions.

The Warriors are hoping to win their third Junior Vic Bowl (first since 2009 vs Rangers) whilst the Lions are hoping to win their third successive Vic Bowl (something no other club has been successful doing at Junior level).

Kick Off will be at 3:00PM on Saturday 30th April at Heatherbrae Reserve, Arena Parade, Officer.

One More Win – Required for Vic Bowl

One More Win – Required for the perfect season

One More Win – For a lifetime of memories

Get down and support the Warriors and enjoy a cracking game!


Warriors Secure #1 Seed, finish season undefeated leading into Playoffs

The Warriors headed down to Reservoir on Sunday for the final game of the regular season and a chance to finish the season undefeated leading into Playoffs. A young determined Raiders team were hoping to grab bragging rights in this contest as the teams would face off against each other next week in the semi final. This would be the first time the Raiders Juniors would be participating in playoffs and they let everyone know that.

The Raiders brought some arrogance to the game because of their new feat and that was apparent with an onside kick to start the game.

Not showing to be unsettled, the Warriors Offense took the ball to the ground and pounded at the Raiders. The speed option looked to work with RB Anton Maksoutov punching in the first score of the game and getting the Warriors off to a great start.

The Defense came out also to a great start forcing the Raiders to punt the ball away allowing the Offense to march the field again all the way to the redzone. The Warriors were this time unable to run in another score and the Raiders force the fourth down turnover. Possession changed without any result for both teams and looked to be a defensive battle all day.

The Warriors however were able to break that deadlock with a passing touchdown to TE Vishu Siakumar who has been a great redzone target, only on this occasion it wasn’t from his quarterback, it was from WR Jordan Van Buuren.

TE Vishu Siakumar reels in another redzone TD. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)

TE Vishu Siakumar reels in another redzone TD. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)

The Raiders were then able to hit straight back with a returned touchdown to keep within a score of the Warriors 14-6.

The Raiders rallied behind their defense but the Warriors kept moving the ball eventually scoring with another rushing touchdown by RB Anton Maksoutov. With time about to expire for the first half, the Raiders pull off a touchdown run as time expires and trail the Warriors at the half with a respectable 22-12 scoreline.

The Warriors brought in RB Brian Huynh as a change of pace running back and he dominates the Raiders for not only his first series in the game but the whole second half. Brian would end up with game MVP for the Warriors with a 2 Touchdown performance and over 100 yards rushing (all in the second half).


Game MVP RB Brian Huynh runs through the Raiders Defense (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)

Game MVP RB Brian Huynh runs through the Raiders Defense (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)


The Raiders defense seemed to run out of legs as they couldn’t keep up with the Warriors Offense in the second half. The Warriors scored as they liked with Huyny punching in 2 and Offensive Weapon Benjamin McGaw scoring a touchdown on a reverse,

The Crunch award went to Anton Maksoutov for a massive hit on kick return, pictured below.

Anton Maksoutov lays the massive hit on a kick return (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)

Anton Maksoutov lays the massive hit on a kick return (Photo courtesy of Bruce Rachon)


The Warriors head to Parkville on Sunday with Kick Off @ 1:30PM against the Northern Raiders which has turned into a grudge match after some online posts by the Raiders. The Warriors will come out firing! Get down there and support your Warriors! The job is not done, 2 more wins required!

With Pride.


Men’s team start training in pads

The 2016 Senior Season is 2 months away and the Warriors & Barbarians are ahead of schedule in their quest of heading back to the Vic Bowl, this time hoping to come away victors.

The offseason has seen the addition of many rookies and will still see some more returning players now that the pads are on, which is a sign that the season is coming and the real business is beginning.

The first 2 months of training has included basic fitness, teaching the basics to rookies and implementing new playbook for both the Offense and Defense.

With a fresh bunch of faces the new look Warriors & Barbarians are excited to start scrimmaging against each other simulating game speed plays, hitting and tackling.

For anyone wanting to play football for this season it is not too late, contact if you are interesting in joining the club for the upcoming season

Warriors Men's training in pads ahead of 2016 season

Warriors Men’s training in pads ahead of 2016 season