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Each year the Monash Warriors receive enquiries from players all over the world that wish to travel to Australia and be a part of Warriors Gridiron.

To read the blogs of these players, feel free to click on the following links:


In 2012 Ben Chapman (OL/DL) & Matt Edwards (LB/DB/RB) came to Australia looking to travel and gain some coaching experience at the same time. Whilst they weren’t training or playing, Ben & Matt travelled Australia experiencing everything that was available to them.

Ben & Matt also had a successfull playing and coaching year with the Warriors where they were able to win a Championship whilst also gaining lifelong friendships and memories that will live with them for the rest of their lives.

Visit their website and read their blog which details their Journey with the Warriors and their trip to Australia.

Ben Chapmen / Matt Edwards Blog

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Harry John (OL/DL) and Owen Hayden (WR/RB) arrive into Australia and look to join the Warriors for the upcoming 2014 Season. Harry has always wanted to travel and was hoping to get back into football after taking a season off following graduation. His long-term friend and roommate through college has joined him as they look to travel all of Australia and enjoy some football whilst also gaining some football coaching experience.

The Warriors are looking for a 3-Peat and both Harry & Owen are looking to join the mission for Championship Success.

Follow their experiences here:

Harry John / Owen Hayden Blog

Owen (left) and Harry enjoying their time in Sydney (Photo: The Plott Galleries)

Owen (left) and Harry enjoying their time in Sydney (Photo: The Plott Galleries)



Alex Kuljian (WR) and Mike Simon (FB/OL/LB) joined us for the 2015 season hoping to help the Warriors to their fourth state championship in a row. They played a lot of ball but also got to see the country and wildlife.

UPDATE: In 2020, Mike flew back to Australia to attend the wedding of one of his Warriors teammate. #friendsforlife