Bailey Kenter


Date of Birth: 19/07/1996

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 185lbs

Hometown: Langwarrin, Melbourne

High School: Bayside Christian College (Aus) / Layton Christian Acadamy (US)

Favourite AFL Team: Essendon

Favourite NFL Team: San Fransisco 49’s

Favourite TV Show (current): Family Guy

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time:

Eating, sleeping or lifting

What is the hardest thing about playing abroad:

Missing family and friends, being away from home.

What is the most difficult challenge youhave faced thus far:

Competing and succeeding against American players. Reaching their standard

What are your goals within the next 5 years:

Secure a division one scholarship

If you had advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps, what would you say:

Start as soon as possible. It’s hard to catch up to kids who’ve been playing their whole life.



Number: 88

Position: WR/DB/P/K

No. of years playing Warriors Juniors: 2

No. of years playing Warriors Seniors: 0

Vicbowls: 0

State Team (Year): 2013

Greatest Achievement whilst playing at Warriors: Overall MVP (2012)

Most Memorable moment playing at Warriors:

Trick reverse pass I threw to James Bateman to win the Semi Final game against Berwick Miners to put our team into the State Championship.


School/College: Layton Christian Academy

Class: Junior (Class of 2015)



Number: 88

Position: WR/DB/K/P

Greatest Achievement whilst playing at School/College:

Being ranked #1 in 2A, #1 in the state of Utah and #3 in the nation for punting in my Junior year season.

Most Memorable moment playing at School/College:

Come from behind win at Summit Academy. Extremely hyped win and an intense game both on offence and defines.

Bailey 2013 Punting/Kicking Highlights

Bailey 2013 WR/DB Highlights