Ralph Maggio Profile

The Warriors Organisation is proud to Announce that Ralph Maggio will take over as Director of Coaching for the Monash Warriors in 2014. Ralph will be overseeing all coaching and will manage both the Warriors & Barbarians.


Ralph Maggio Bio

Born : New York City

Age: 51

Married to Tina with 3 children.

Favourite NFL Team: Denver Broncos

Moved to the UK in 1969. Brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland

Moved to London in 1983 and played football for the London Capitals in London from 1983 to 1989 as a Tight End.

Was coached by American coaches and enjoyed the offensive coaching aspect of the game.

Coached Offensive Line for the Clydesdale Colts from 1989 to 1991. Had to 2 BritBowl  appearances.

Moved back to the United States in 1991.

Came to Australia in 2003 and started coaching the Warriors Juniors that year to a Junior Bowl Victory.

Warriors Junior Head Coach: 2003

Junior Vicbowl Champion Coach:

VI (2003)

Warriors Seiniors Head Coach: 2004 – 2011, 2014 – Current

5 Time Vic Bowl Champion Coach:

XXI (2005), XXII (2006), XXIV (2008), XXV (2009), XXVI (2010)

Barbarians Head Coach: 2012-2013

Div II Champion Coach:

2013 (III)

Gridiron Victoria Eagles State Team Offensive Coordinator: 2010

Now Head Coach of the Warrior and the Barbarians organising a coaching staff of over 12 people.

Ralph Maggio is a pro active coach who cares about each of his players welfare and demands the best attitude and performance from each of them. He believe that the team is more important than any individual and everyone gets a fair go if they put in the time and effort. He says it as it is, dedicates his time to team excellence and expects the same from all his players. He is a hands on coach who works on the technical skills that make his players and his teams the best in the league.