Juniors Week 3: Warriors taught a lesson by Cru

Photo Courtesy of Barend Van Den Hoek (http://barendphotos.photomerchant.net/)

Photo Courtesy of Barend Van Den Hoek (http://barendphotos.photomerchant.net/)

It was the top of the table clash that the Warriors were hoping would end with a different result. While missing a few players the Warriors headed down to Footscray to tackle the also unbeaten Crusaders in what was anticipated to be a close game.The Warriors were taught some lessons by their opponent and the Crusaders took advantage of their opportunities and come out winners 34-6.

Game MVP for the Warriors went to Harry Braun who brought in his first TD of the season and made 2 spectacular grabs in the game.

The team head back to the drawing board and are looking to bounce back against the Northern Raiders this Sunday.

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