2014 Season Finally Arrives! Warriors & Barbarians ready for Take Off!

RB Luke Jackson rushes for an 80 yard TD in 2013 Vicbowl (Photo courtesy of barendphotos.com)

RB Luke Jackson rushes for an 80 yard TD in 2013 Vic Bowl (Photo courtesy of barendphotos.com)

The 2014 Senior Season gets underway this week and both the Warriors and Barbarians look to start the season with a win!

The Warriors head down to ‘The Cove’ in Geelong for the Vic Bowl Rematch for the afternoon game in what is set to be a great encounter. Both teams have lost some players and brought in some handy rookies and are keen to grab hold of Bragging rights in their only encounter for the regular season.

The Barbarians head down to Reservoir on Sunday to battle a Conference Rival in the Northern Raiders.
The Barbarians and Raiders always ends up being a close encounter with both teams earning the respect of one another on the field. This game kicks off at 1PM.

Both teams have new coaches, new players and some key veterans which will certainly make the season enjoyable to watch!