Coach Wilson returns home


Craig Wilson is a legend of the Warriors and he finally returns home.

After departing Melbourne and heading over to Western Australia for work commitments, Coach Wilson has found himself back in Melbourne and back in charge at the Warriors.

Whilst in Western Australia for work, Coach Wilson took over at the Curtin Saints Gridiron club and even took on the reigns of Head Coach of the WA Raiders in the 2010 State Championships.

Coach Wilson joins Coach Maggio at the Warriors where they have both worked together previously at the Warriors at both Junior and Senior Levels. Coach Maggio will head back to Head Coach of the Barbarians who will drop back into Division II where they should be as a ‘reserves’ team for the Warriors whilst Coach Wilson takes over as Head Coach for the Warriors who are looking to equal a record of four consecutive Championships currently owned by the Wildcats who are no longer around.

Coach Wilson is a Defensive mastermind and will take charge as Defensive Coordinator also, allowing Benjamin Stokes to take over as the Warriors Offensive Coordinator.

Coach Maggio will lead the Barbarians with John Warren continuing on as Offensive Coordinator and Sam Karag as the Defensive Coordinator with Daniel Sanderson the Defensive assistant who is looking to make a successful return from a knee reconstruction.

Watch out for the Warriors and Barbarians in 2015 as they look to repeat their 2013 feat as both Division I & Division II Champions.