WEEK 1: Warriors defeat Royals in sloppy Conditions

Week 1 of the 2016 finally arrived over the weekend and the Warriors faced the up and coming Melbourne Uni Royals at Croydon.

With the weather being a bit wet of late, the Croydon pitch was muddy and also contained some pools of water but neither team cared as the football season had finally arrived!

The Warriors took the ball first and in Dom Dearman’s hands, moved down the field and scored thanks to the nice running of RB Luke ‘Whitey’ Jackson.

The Royals almost as easily as the Warriors returned fire and punched in a score of their own to former Warrior Prince Coleman.

On the ensuing kick return the Warriors fumbled allowing the Royals to pounce on the ball and regain possession just outside of their redzone. With the Warriors Defense unable to talk and adjust from the previous series, the Royals hit the lead early in the 1st with a 14-8 score.

The experience of the Warriors then kicked in and they were able to punch in a few scores and defense stepped up to hold the Royals from scoring at will. The score at the half was 30-20 the Warriors way.

The halftime score sore adjustments made and changes in personnel. The most significant change was that at the quarterback position with Joe Thompson coming in to show different formations and different plays to catch the defense off guard. The change seemed to work with Thompson keeping the ball himself for a touchdown and later throwing a screen play to RB Luke Jackson for a 35 yard touchdown. Thompson would then injur his ankle attempting to run in the 2PT conversion bringing club hero Dominic Dearman back for some more minutes.

In sloppy conditions and a penalty riddled game, the Warriors come out victorious 50-28 victors to open up the season.