2012 Gridiron Australia National Championships

It is that time again where the best of Victoria comes up against the best the other states have to offer.

The Victorian Eagles are currently in training to represent their state in the National Gridiron Championships which kicks off on March 17th, 2012.

The Warriors currently have 12 players who have made the list of 75, which will be cut down to a final of 45 players.Leading the way in Offense for the Warriors is¬†Domonic Dearman, Wayne Hartley, Philip Gilbert, Ben Gregson, Jonathon Tostevin, ¬†Sean O’Kane, Marcus Bastiaan & Junior Warrior Richard Truong.

The Warriors D’ will be led by Sam Karag, Scott Wolfe, Ben Stokes Chris Evans & Henry Wright.

For those that are interested and wish to get down and support the Victorian Eagles, the first game will be against Western Australia on Saturday, 17th March.

The Eagles will then travel 2 weeks later to South Australia where they will play the S.A Swarm on Saturday 31st March.

The Eagles will be looking to finish on top of their division and on top of the competition where hopefully they can play 2nd place in Victoria.

Competition is as follows:

Conference 1: New South Wales, Queensland, ACT
Conference 2: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia

Saturday March 17th – WA @ Victoria, ACT @ NSW
Saturday March 24th – QLD @ ACT, SA @ WA
Saturday March 31st - Victoria @ SA, NSW @ QLD

Saturday April 14th Finals
No. 2 @ No. 1, No. 4 @ No. 3, No. 6 @ No. 5

We wish all Warriors players the best of luck as they battle for the final roster spots in the team!